Task and Workflow Management

Connecting Strategy and Policy with Execution


The Benefits of Longview Task and Workflow Management


  • Rapidly assess the status of activities across your team and take action to stay on track
  • Alert team members as deliverables are nearing


  • Set up Review and Approval actions for tasks and data
  • Data and tasks are locked when submitted for approval
  • Ensure your external and internal reporting deadlines are met


  • Plan your team’s activities using a central calendar
  • Define tasks once and repeat across entities, periods and years


  • Gain an immediate lens into resource workloads and deadline readiness
  • Get a complete picture of your team’s status, contributions and commitments
  • Ability to enter comments and view an audit trail of all comments

What does this mean for you?

Take control of the Close process and stay on track

Easily connect tasks with documents and deliverables

Keep up-to-date with teams both centrally located and dispersed globally

Set-up once and use tasks repeatedly as you move through time

Task and Workflow Management

Set up notifications to alert team members as due dates near and/or tasks are overdue

Track any type of Close activity whether performed inside or outside the Consolidation solution

When data is submitted for approval it is locked to prevent further data changes

How do we stand out among the rest?

Take a look at some of the key capabilities of Longview Task and Workflow Management

Fully Integrated

  • Complements your existing Longview Close and Planning solution by sharing data and optimizing maintenance
  • Integrated with Longview Workflow to review and approve data that has been submitted for approval
  • Link Documents to Tasks; whether stored on a network, in Longview or any document management solution,
  • Email reminders and active notifications alert resources of pending actions

Dashboards and Reporting

  • A digital team calendar, updating in real time and accessible from any location
  • Rich analytics assess status and identify issues from top-down
  • Analyze task and workflow details by any entity, country, product line and resource

Ease of Administration

  • Due dates are managed centrally and linked to assigned tasks
  • Company and/or country specific timeframes can be easily defined to govern deliverables
  • Tasks are created once and applied to multiple entities, resources, timeframes, etc.
  • Easily adjust responsibilities and link those back to associated tasks

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