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Ventana Research Continuous Planning e-book
Done well, business planning explores options presented by different scenarios, enabling executives to think several steps ahead. Planning also establishes baselines for measuring performance....
Change Hurts, But "No Pain, No Gain"
Technology’s role in finance transformation.
Hindsight, Insight, Foresight by CFO
Today, an accurate financial position provides a competitive advantage; tomorrow it enables planning that is actionable, constant, and fluid.
Finance Technology and Risk Management by CFO
The chief financial officer’s (CFO’s) deep and detailed knowledge of a company’s financial position’ typically places him/her at the center of an organization’s risk management efforts.
Software Drives the 21st Century Tax Department by Ventana Research
The challenges facing tax departments are mounting. In this environment, tax departments need to provide analyses sooner. They must be able to communicate alternatives and their implications to a...
Continuous Planning by Ventana Research
The term "continuous planning" man conjure up images of nerve-ending meetins in which nothing gets accomplished, but Ventana Research uses it to describe a highly collaborative, action oriented...
Modernizing Analytics in Support of Performance Management
No Silos: Converging Worlds of Performance Management and BI | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark
The grand disappearance of the standalone BI stack The worlds of EPM and business intelligence (BI) are converging fast. This is a profound transformation which is both technology and business pain-...
BPM Vendor Landscape Report
This report details findings about vendors in the Business Performance Management space across BPM Partners' criteria.
Forrester Wave: Enterprise Performance Management, Q4 2016 | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark
"A differentiated technology stack that leverages Hadoop, SaaS, and in-memory analytics rather than the cube-based architectures of its competitors." In this report you will learn: Why a strong...