Longview Plan

In today’s world, planning, budgeting, and forecasting must link performance to strategic goals.

Fifty two percent of Fortune 500 companies have either gone bankrupt, been acquired or closed since the year 2000. Knowledge is power.

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What Sets Longview Apart?

Successful operational plans ensure day-to-day activities, sales initiatives and business processes are aligned with strategic objectives. Now business is about immediate access to the information you need to answer questions, measure processes, evaluate risk and take action.


Founded in 1994, Longview is a Global company.  Hundreds of thousands of business leaders across 150 countries leverage Longview daily to make critical business decisions. 


With the recent merger of Longview and Tidemark, the art and science of corporate planning came together.  Tidemark's state-of-the-art cloud based platform delivers the most robust and innovative corporate planning solution in the market.

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Cloud or On-Premise: Flexibility to Suit Your Business

Longview offers customers the choice of deploying their solution either in the cloud (with Tidemark) or on premise.

Planning Out to the Edges

Everyone uses the same unified solution for all their planning, budgeting, and forecasting needs. Processes tightly integrated.  Change to one plan dynamically updates all others. Your actual, forecast and budget data stored in a single, unified version of the truth. Powerful.  

Plan for Now

Longview Plan empowers business leaders to make NOW business decisions.  Re-forecast based on current trends and market conditions.  Simply change key business drivers that have the most impact on the bottom line. Reforecast on a schedule or on demand. Be prepared the next time the CFO requests an on-demand revised forecast.

Driver-Based Modelling

Longview’s core strengths and competitive differentiator is our ability to empower our customers to define business rules and calculations from the simple to the complex. There isn’t a calculation that Longview cannot perform and optimize.

Shorten Cycle Times: Reallocate Time to Smart

Longview’s powerful calculation engine performs all calculations dynamically and in real-time as data is submitted. No need to run your budgeting processes repeatedly each time there is a data change. Access your data in real time.  Shorten cycle times and make more time for analysis. More time or analysis reduces the risk of errors and improves the accuracy of your budgets and forecasts.