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Three days (9am - 5pm)
CPE Credits
Program Level
Hands On

Implementing Longview Tax

CPE Credits: 22
Duration: Three days (9am - 5pm)


Who should take this course?

This course is designed for Tax Service Providers who will be participating in or leading a Longview Tax implementation project.

Learning Objectives

  • Taking a post-launch database and building an application
  • Building and publishing Longview Reports
  • Setting up your Tax provision
  • Creating entities, currencies, and users

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  • Successful completion of the Tax Administrator course 
Advanced Preparation: 
No advanced preparation required
Resource and Task Guide
Instructional Delivery Methods: 

Group live
Group internet based - instructor led

Cost in Local Currency:
Group Live
3,000 per person or 12,000 for up to 10 people, plus expenses
Group Internet Based - Instructor Led
3,000 per person or 12,000 for up to 6 people


Day 1

  • Basic Concepts
  • Provision Process and Data Flow
  • New Longview Homepage and Longview Tax
  • System Setup Group Exercise
  • Database setup
  • Pre-design package
  • System Settings Editor, Currency Editor, User Editor
  • Create Hierarchies, Jurisdictions
  • Entity Parameters
  • Create Partnership and Corporate Owners
  • Entities Editor
  • Chart of Accounts Structure
  • NIBT Editor
  • Book-Tax Difference Structure, Parameters, Editor
  • Current and Deferred Tax Editor
  • National and Regional Tax Rates
  • Chart of Accounts Data

Day 2

  • System Setup Group Exercise continued
  • Results of Automation
  • Complete Income Tax Provision
  • Review and Discussion of Interim Provision
  • Considerations
  • Features and Options
  • System Settings
  • Entity Level Settings
  • Interim Accounts Editor
  • Interim Provision Process
  • Building Longview Input Apps

Day 3

  • Building and Publishing Longview Reports
  • User and System Security
  • Scenarios and Roll Over
  • Excel Add-In
  • Standard Configuration Tasks