The biggest challenge tax professionals face is relying on manual, time-consuming methods for managing enormous volumes of tax data – which makes transparency and efficiency extremely difficult to achieve. As tax deadlines tighten and business demands continue to grow, tax executives are turning to technology to drive greater productivity and improve their workflow.

Join Scott Hice, CEO for TAXPE and Brad Hearn, VP of Tax Product Management for Longview, for a 1-hour CPE accredited webinar, where you will uncover why it is critical to stay on the pulse of how technology is shaping today’s tax function.

You will learn:

  • Why adopting technology to evolve your tax provisioning process is the right choice for your business.
  • What are 3 major things to consider when engaging a vendor. 
  • How to align with key internal stakeholders, such as finance and compliance teams.
  • How to build a business case to support the need to automate and optimize your current process.

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