The Now reality demands the office of finance provide a strategic foundation to support the entire organization to make the right decision Now, with confidence.

Speakers from leading global companies share in the kNOW best practices and case presentations. In addition, Longview includes interactive, hands-on workshops and panel discussions on current hot topics in the area of Performance Management and Tax Reporting.

If you're part of a finance or tax team, your role is changing. A few years ago, finance was about crunching numbers. Now, CEOs expect their finance teams to take on a more strategic role and provide up-to-the-minute insights that inform organizational strategy.



Dialog 2017 is a wrap! 

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Dialog 2017 (Orlando, FL) | Dialog EMEA 2017 (Offenbach, DE)

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Dialog 2017 (Orlando, FL) | Dialog EMEA 2017 (Offenbach, DE)