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Transforming the office of the CFO by accelerating planning, consolidation, tax and analytics


Empowering Organizations to Maximize Performance

Make quick and informed decisions, as a strategic business partner


Collaborate, plan faster, and forecast more accurately


Faster close times,
real-time consolidation, and reduced risk


Connecting relevant data, in real-time, from a variety of sources


Speed reporting, alleviate workloads and improve accuracy. Focus on driving value


Why Organizations Choose Longview

Longview becomes a lifetime partner in your journey – retaining 95% of these global fortune brands

"We now have the ability to take our planning process and distribute it out to the edges of the organization to bring more people along with us."

Chris Garber

Sr. VP of FP&A and Investor Relations Acxiom

"Longview exceeded our expectations. We went from a 10-day tax provision to 1-1/2 days. We had this financial statement consolidation in the tax software that we didn't even have on the accounting side. I was just amazed!"

BJ Fogle

Vice President of Tax Eagle Materials

Achieving Your Goals, is Our Goal

See how we've helped over 20,000 finance and tax professionals like you, achieve their goals

Vice President of Finance

"We completed our budget cycles in half the time!"

Corporate Controller

"I went from closing my books in 10 days to 2 days"

Head of Group Reporting

"Analyzing data in real-time reduces my overtime hours."

VP of Tax

"We were able to shift our focus towards 80% analysis."


Time Saving


Less Days


Reduced Overtime


Analysis Time

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