Guided Analytics For The Business Community

Improve decision making through timely and comprehensive insights


The Benefits of Longview's Award Winning Report Design

Complete Insight

  • Combine any number of data sources, or start with summary reports then drill down to transactions
  • Easily build reports from different sources. No query knowledge needed through simple drag-and-drop interface to build reports

Timely Answers

  • Direct connection to data sources hence no need to involve IT
  • Analyze your data the way you want it by building your own report or using our ad-hoc browser Spotlight
  • Access reports from any device

Perfect Reporting

  • Leverage a library of components to create dynamic reports tailored for your business
  • Combine any number of visuals including images, charts, tables, and maps
  • Enrich your reports through secure data entry or commenting

Informed Decisions

  • Leverage the power of Guided Analytics to guide your users’ interaction with the reports
  • Generate report binders on the fly and use report distribution to keep your users informed
  • Share and collaborate content thanks to powerful exporting capabilities

What Does this Mean to You?

Become A Strategic Partner of the Enterprise by Delivering Effective Analytics

LV Analytics enables you to offer a single version of the truth by connecting directly to the data sources

Remove silos by bringing in information from multiple sources and combining it for powerful insights

Award Winning Report Design

Avoid uncertainty in decisions by leveraging powerful what-if Analysis and timely reporting

Cut down on money spent on various tools that are limited by investing in 1 powerful platform

Avoid delays in report creation by leveraging our business user-oriented report designer

How We Stand Out Among the Rest

Take a look at some of the key capabilities of our Award Winning Report Design

Simple to use

  • Designed for the business community
  • Drag and drop interface to design reports
  • No query knowledge necessary

Direct connection to data sources

  • Access critical information in real-time
  • No data loading needed
  • Read and write data based on access levels
  • Single Sign-on authentication

Access data from any device

  • Analyze reports from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device
  • Retain same features and functionality to consume reports
  • Automatically resize reports for smaller screens or larger, such as projectors

Powerful Sharing and Collaboration

  • Build report books or binders on-the-fly
  • Schedule report distribution of report books or individual reports
  • Integrate your distributed reports to have specific sections be updated with current information
  • Export to PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel

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