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Longview 7 for Unified Performance Management

Our Longview 7 platform is the powerful calculation engine behind our Longview CPM and Tax product suites. It is the strongest calculation engine available in the industry. Enhancements introduced in Longview 7.3 make the platform more powerful than ever, paving the way for seamless connectivity with Longview BI, powered by arcplan 8. Enabled by a live data connector, the flexibility and world-class business intelligence capabilities of arcplan 8, such as dashboards, analytics, advanced reporting and self-guided analysis, are seamlessly brought to the fingertips of Longview 7 users for a truly unified performance management solution for any finance and tax department, in any company, in any industry, globally.

The Power of Longview 7

Using a variety of tools for performance management can compromise results. The Longview 7 software empowers companies to manage their business with a unified, scalable application that can automate any one, or combination of, the following financial processes:

Corporate Performance Management Tax
Forecasting Provision and Reporting
Modeling Planning
Disclosure Management/XBRL Reporting Tax Transparency
Management Reporting Task Management
Statutory Consolidation Data Platform
Profitability Analytics Research

Whether you choose Longview CPM, Tax or BI, or a combination of products to address your finance or tax processes, Longview 7 delivers actionable, accurate information when you need it.

Platform benefits:

  • Powerful calculation engine and data repository equipped to handle both dimensional (financial) and relational (transactional) data;
  • Engineered to work in harmony with an organization's overall IT strategy and interoperate with existing financial data sources, applications and infrastructure
  • Designed for use by business professionals, reducing overall reliance on IT organization
  • Fully integrated data warehouse, consolidation/calculation module, data collection and reporting / analytics layers
  • Easy to use configuration layer, allows rapid configuration of simple-to-use business applications and optional tailoring to meet the most complex requirements
  • Pre-defined data model with built-in financial intelligence

Enhanced benefits realized through Longview BI (arcplan 8):

  • Ability to analyze and combine data from multiple systems (Longview and other data sources) in real time
  • Powerful data visualization brings to life Key Performance Indicators, strategic metrics and financial reports
  • Flexible Design Once, Run Anywhere (DORA) approach allows rapid deployment on all devices
  • Single sign-on support between systems for a seamless user experience

Our world-class platform is supported by a level of customer support and service that sets us apart. From initial set-up, to ongoing, industry-accredited training and 24/7 support, Longview offers solid end-to-end services and we are committed to ensuring you get the maximum value from your investment.

Read more about our latest update to Longview 7 - Longview 7.3.

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