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What story is your data telling?

As country-by-country reporting obligations near, how comfortable are you? Will tax authorities review your report and move on, or will it likely lead to audit scrutiny, revised assessments or even the need to adjust your global transfer pricing strategy? Ultimately only time will tell how tax authorities react to the global insights they’ve previously lacked, but as that time approaches wouldn’t it be nice to understand the story your data is telling?

Focus on analyzing your information, rather than gathering and preparing reporting

Designed to leverage the data and infrastructure established with Provision, Longview’s Global Tax Transparency solution helps you efficiently prepare country-by-country reporting requirements while leveraging our powerful reporting and analytics capabilities to help identify and analyze potential areas of controversy.

With most of the disclosed data points already in Longview and multiple options for collecting the remaining information, Longview helps rapidly gather and organize your country-by-country data, so you can focus on analyzing outcomes and preparing for inquiries.

With an ability to review reporting in real-time (alongside the financial close process), to create, analyze and compare scenarios and a dedicated compliance period to finalize reporting, Longview provides a robust solution to your country-by-country reporting needs.

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