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Task Management

Stay apprised of critical activities to more effectively manage your tax function

Gaining insight into the status of key deliverables within a tax department can be incredibly challenging. Team members are often located around the globe and staying abreast of statuses, delays and finding outcomes can be difficult.

Longview’s Task Management solution provides a central location for tracking tasks and compliance activities, defining workflows and team calendars and organizing documents.

With robust reporting options and active notifications, staying abreast of team status and reacting to changes in real-time has never been easier.

A fully integrated Solution

Task Management is powered by Longview’s CORE platform allowing information to be seamlessly shared across the suite of solutions. User access, entity structures and data (ex. payment amounts) are all stored within the central data repository.

Documents can be uploaded to Longview, stored on a corporate file-share or housed within your existing SharePoint or document management solution. Outcomes are easily linked to tasks and can be monitored through all stages of progression.

Task Management not only supports Longview based processes but can surround your entire tax function. From federal through local, accounting through compliance and audit, installment through refund and tracking of direct and indirect taxes, Task Management supports the spectrum of tax department activities (and beyond).

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