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Tax Provision

Gain efficiencies, reduce risk, improve accuracy and insight

Longview’s Tax Provision and Reporting solution provides automation capabilities that significantly reduce the time and effort needed to gather, compute and account for income taxes. This can immediately impact the Financial close process and improve accuracy, while reducing the risks associated with manual and Excel based processing. All while establishing a foundation for improved reporting and analysis within the tax department.

Leveraging our CORE platform, which has supported the data analysis needs of Finance departments for over 20 years, Longview provides tax departments with reporting and data management capabilities unparalleled within the tax technology industry. This helps tax departments shift their focus from gathering and collecting data to validating and analyzing outcomes. Helping them transform into a key business partner and trusted advisor.

Why Longview?

The right Technology

Delivered on a CORE platform that uses dimensions and hierarchies to deliver powerful reporting and analysis capabilities. With an embedded Analytics engine and tools to support data collection, integration, automation and workflow Longview delivers the capabilities needed to help optimize and enhance the provision and reporting process.

Retain your autonomy

Longview provides the tax department with a dedicated environment to meet their unique needs. It is specifically built to allow tax departments to manage and maintain the application, eliminating the need for Information Technology support and reliance on Finance infrastructure.

Meets both domestic and international needs

Designed to meet the needs of both domestically focused organizations as well as globally diverse multi-nationals under US GAAP, IFRS or other local/statutory reporting requirements. Web based and globally accessible, Longview provides a foundation for connecting tax users around the world.

Sensitized for your unique needs

Longview Tax can address any customer, industry or jurisdiction specific need through a flexible configuration layer that sits on top of the out of box solution. This, along with a bi-directional (push and pull) Excel add-in allows applications to be specifically tailored to each customer’s needs.

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