Why choose Longview for Corporate Performance Management and Tax software?

The income tax provision process doesn’t have to be so challenging. Longview Tax Provision/Reporting automates the most demanding tasks in your income tax accounting, generates supporting reports precisely geared to your organization’s needs, and even bridges the traditional gap between provision and compliance.

Why Longview Tax Provision/Reporting?

Complex calculations, intense time pressures, massive workloads … the income tax provision is perhaps the most daunting task of the tax year, and one that cries out for automation.

Longview Tax Provision/Reporting is a comprehensive out-of-box solution for ASC 740 (formerly FAS 109) and IFRS/IAS 12. It’s built on the single repository of tax data that Longview Tax Data Platform provides, so you know your required disclosures are accurate. Features include:

  • consolidated current and deferred provisions by legal entity
  • deferred taxes by legal entity, by temporary difference
  • statutory and consolidated effective tax rate (ETR) reconciliation
  • tax account rollforward
  • tax basis balance sheet

Reporting features include:

  • standard tax packages and reports or ones you can customize to meet your organization’s needs
  • a unique configuration layer that enables you to address industry-specific requirements

Plus, Longview Tax Provision/Reporting integrates with your compliance system by applying the final book-to-tax adjustments and running the automated return-to-provision true-up in Longview Tax.

For more information, download the Longview Tax Provision/Reporting brochure, or request a live demo.

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