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Simulate outcomes and analyze potentials, aid strategic decision making

With a growing recognition that tax implications can determine success or failure in strategic initiatives, corporate decision makers are calling on tax leaders to collaborate and support their course charting efforts.

While tax departments have historically focused on retrospective reporting and analysis they are now being asked for forward looking, prospective input.

Longview’s Tax Planning solution provides tax departments with the tools needed to analyze potential scenarios, predict possible outcomes, compare results and provide strategic direction.

Solving today’s challenges while poised for tomorrow’s

Leveraging the same CORE platform that has provided Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting solutions to FP&A teams for many years, Longview’s Tax Planning solution provides the infrastructure, agility and scalability needed to support your evolving needs.

While Excel provides tremendous flexibility, and can rapidly address ad-hoc requests, it quickly becomes unwieldy and often fails at scale. By leveraging Longview’s central data repository information is secure and organized to support computation, reporting and analysis.

Standardized calculations are executed efficiently and with our robust bi-directional (push and pull) Excel add-in, tax departments retain the agility needed to react to unforeseen requests.

Key Features:

  • Single and/or multi-year setup
  • On demand scenarios and “what-if” analysis
  • Side-by-side, year-over-year and scenario variance reporting
  • Flexibility to configure unique calculations to support individual customer needs

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