Projecting the global tax expense in support of corporate planning and budgeting can be challenging. Financial data is often provided at a summarized level and frequently lacks sufficient detail to support tax analysis. Available tools tend to be limited, leaving tax departments to struggle with individual Excel models and templates. As requests grow for input into strategic decision making, the ability to simulate and predict outcomes becomes increasingly critical.

Longview Tax Planning delivers the platform and tools needed to help tax departments tackle these challenges. Leveraging the power and flexibility of the Longview Tax Data Platform, the Planning solution allows tax departments to calculate detailed budgets, multi-year (long term) strategic plans and generate pro-forma projections. Planning can be performed top-down, using driver based assumptions, and/or bottom-up, by collecting inputs using globally accessible web-based templates.

The reporting and analytics tools within Longview Tax Planning allow tax departments to derive meaningful insight from scenarios / plans and share the outcomes with other stakeholders / departments. Reports that compare real-time “what-if” scenarios with previously saved versions and/or actual results can be easily generated using Longview’s business user focused reporting layer.

Features of Longview Tax Planning:

  • Multi-year, Strategic Planning
  • Scenarios and “What-if” analysis
  • Versioning
  • Centralized data storage; including actuals, forecasts and plans
  • Side-by-Side, multi-year and comparison / variance reporting
  • Configurable web-based data collection templates
  • Powerful calculations to establish customer / industry specific algorithms in support of plan generation / scenario modeling
  • Tax Analytics; Dashboard based data visualization, ad-hoc reporting and Excel integration for data analysis and computation

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Multi-year Strategic Plan using Longview Tax Planning

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