Why choose Longview for Corporate Performance Management and Tax software?

Longview Tax Planning is a comprehensive, web-based application for tax modelling, planning, and forecasting, all from the single repository of real-time, accurate information that Longview Tax Data Platform provides. Longview Tax Planning helps you tie strategic tax objectives to business plans and budgets, as well as operational goals.

Why Longview Tax Planning?

Calls for tax departments to get strategic – rather than simply reacting to the latest rules and regulations – are growing louder. Longview Tax Planning can help get you there, with:

  • flexible rolling forecasts that give you deep visibility into future operating performance
  • advanced modelling that lets you weigh potential tax financial outcomes, using both bottom-up and top-down business drivers
  • what-if scenarios enabling you to create limitless alternative versions of your plans and forecasts for in-depth analysis

Seamless collaboration is critical for successful planning. Longview Tax Planning’s workflow functionality, including email notifications and alerts, guides your teams’ activities and helps you track and communicate progress.

Longview Tax Planning features include:

  • a single repository of tax sensitized data, including actuals, forecast and planning
  • an integrated document repository
  • web input templates that are easy to create and use
  • the ability to apply tax business logic, perform complex calculations, and generate tax KPIs
  • configurable dashboards to present and access the data and documents
  • business intelligence support for complex data analysis

For more information, download the Longview Tax Planning brochure or request a live demo.

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