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Data Hub

Confidently provide tax guidance knowing it is based on reliable information

As the focus on tax continues growing, tax departments face increasing inquiries and demands for deeper insight and better transparency.

With many tax teams struggling to maintain disjointed spreadsheets, needing to gather disparate information and lacking automation tools, meeting these demands is incredibly challenging.

Longview’s Tax Data Hub provides a centralized solution for pulling together information, sensitizing it to meet the unique needs of tax and easily accessing and/or sharing the data to support downstream needs.

By establishing a central repository of tax data, teams can be confident they’re using reliably gathered information and can reduce the time spent searching for, grappling with and questioning their data.

The centre-point of our landscape

Our strategic approach to solving tax challenges using a data and analysis focused CORE platform, uniquely positions your tax department to truly establish a central hub of tax information.

As you begin gathering and collecting data to support your individual solutions, the Tax Data Hub begins growing. When you’re ready to expand beyond the world of tax accounting or country-by-country reporting we can take you there.

With an ability to handle any type of data from traditional financial balance information down to a transactional level and non-financial data (such as investment information, property and real estate data or information relating to product SKU) our flexible data repository has multiple options to gather, organize and sensitize information to support any tax department need.

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