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Longview Overview

Our customers rate us best-in-class for our Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Enterprise Tax, and Analytics solutions.

Longview 7 is our single repository of accurate information for your entire enterprise and our foundation for Longview CPM and Longview Tax. Longview Analytics, based on arcplan 8, complements the portfolio with advanced analytics and reporting that seamlessly ties into your Longview environment and can be used to create advanced analytical applications for desktop and mobile deployment.

Data Platform

As pressures on the tax department increase and demands for additional information grow, a world of managing data through disjointed spreadsheets and disparate point solutions becomes untenable.

The Longview Tax Data Platform delivers a centralized data repository, specifically designed for the Tax department. It can handle any type of data Tax departments wish to organize and delivers powerful analytical capabilities; through business intelligence features that tax departments can use.

Features of Longview Tax Data Platform:

Data Architecture and Storage and Architecture

Financial data

Organized into dimensions and hierarchies to facilitate consolidation and drill-down / side-by-side reporting

Transactional data

Organized in (relational) table formats which can be further transformed to support Tax specific reporting / calculations


Allowing critical tax information (including dates, addresses, legal entity relationships, etc.) to be stored centrally and shared with other systems and/or tax processes

Data Collection, Reporting and Analytics

Data Collection Templates

Web based, globally accessible and easily configured templates allow data to be collected directly from end-users

Analysis and Reporting

A reporting layer designed for business users, enabling drill-down reporting, ad-hoc analysis and formalized outputs to support any reporting need


Powerful dashboards to deliver data visualizations and reporting at an executive and/or operational level

Office Add-In

A bi-directional add-in that allows data to be seamlessly pushed and pulled to/from native Excel

Data Modelling and Calculations

Financial Consolidation

Consolidation tools that mirror those of the finance department, but organized, owned and operated by tax

Dynamic Calculations

Robust data modelling engine that can automate any tax calculation and dynamically executes (without the need for batch calculations)


What-if and scenario capabilities, exposed to the reporting and analytics layer; allowing powerful side-by-side comparatives

Data Integration and Administration

Data Integration

Multiple integration options to seamlessly connect to any source system / data source and share data with other applications

Security and Accessibility

Data accessibility controls facilitating global distribution while maintaining access restrictions


Flexible definitions to allow review and approval steps which meet the specific needs of your organization

The Longview Tax Data Platform delivers the critical tools needed to allow tax departments to manage data effectively from its point of origin, through to final destination. Data can be transformed to meet their specific needs and organized in a way that is meaningful for tax. Once loaded into Longview, data can then be used to support analytics; through a powerful modelling and computation engine, reporting and analysis layer and web dashboard visualizations.

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