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Longview Tax Data Collection

Managing your tax just got easier. Longview Tax Data Collection centralizes your tax information in a single robust, multidimensional database and automatically distributes it to the people and systems that need it. With Longview Tax Data Collection, you can reach deep into your organization’s enterprise systems and easily collect the tax-sensitized data you need for both direct and indirect tax processes, including income tax provisioning and reporting, VAT, transfer pricing and compliance. And it can all be done while bypassing the need for multiple spreadsheets, saving time, resources and money. Key features of Longview Tax Data Collection include:
  • Builds rigorous internal controls demanded by regulators and auditors
  • Out-of-box web data collection templates and web reports
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Drill-down transparency
  • Ability to collect from/send data to any source system in any currency
  • Timely and accurate financial and tax data collection from numerous source systems and any number of global legal entities
  • Simplify and accelerate tax provisioning/reporting and global tax accounting processes
  • Integrate easily with your general ledgers and other source systems and applications, centralizing your tax data
For more information, download the Longview Tax Data Collection brochure or request a live demo.