Why choose Longview for Corporate Performance Management and Tax software?

Today’s constantly changing regulations, resource constraints, and complex business models ruthlessly expose the limitations of spreadsheet-based tax processes. There’s a better way. Longview Tax Data Collection is the technology foundation for assembling and managing your organization’s tax-critical information. It’s the cure for spreadsheet proliferation in tax departments.

Why Longview Tax Data Collection?

Spreadsheet-dependent tax processes are fraught with risks and inefficiencies, as more and more tax directors are realizing. Spreadsheet links can be broken. Shared files can be corrupted. Files may simply stop working because of their size. Maintaining and trouble-shooting spreadsheets adds to the strain on already overburdened tax resources. 

Longview Tax Data Collection integrates easily with your general ledgers and any number of source systems and applications, centralizing your tax data and bypassing the error-prone spreadsheet layer. Longview Tax Data Collection helps you build the rigorous internal controls demanded by regulators and auditors. And it hugely simplifies and accelerates the tax provision/reporting and global tax accounting processes.

Longview Tax Data Collection features include:

  • drill-down transparency by legal entity, by jurisdiction and by account
  • out-of-box web data collection templates and web reports
  • dynamic reporting
  • workflow and approvals

For more information, download the Longview Tax Data Collection brochure or request a live demo.

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