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Longview Tax Overview

Turning to Tax Technology

As demands on the tax department grow and global complexity increases, tax departments are being called upon for more. To combat this many are turning to tax technology to drive efficiencies, reduce the risk of errors / inaccuracies and position the tax department to better support evolving business needs.

A dedicated Tax solution

Leveraging the same CORE platform that supports our Finance solutions, Longview provides tax departments with the critical capabilities needed to transform into a high performing, value-added tax function. Delivered in a dedicated tax environment that retains autonomy, Longview helps solve the challenges of today, while laying a foundation for further growth and evolution.

Solution Stack         Longview Tax Disc

Globally focused, out-of-box solutions are specifically designed for rapid implementation and ongoing maintenance by the tax team; minimizing reliance on Information Technology departments.

With industry-leading reporting and analysis tools and unparalleled flexibility, Longview helps tax departments around the world shift their focus from collecting and organizing data to analyzing outcomes and supporting decision making.

A comprehensive suite of solutions

Longview’s suite of tax solutions support the vast spectrum of tax needs. Whether focused on specific reporting deliverables, tracking status and workflow or establishing a central location to gather, organize and sensitize tax information, Longview can help.

Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

With powerful integration capabilities, Longview can connect to any finance / IT system and seamlessly share information with other tax-specific applications. Data in Longview is stored only once and leveraged to support all solutions. Through powerful reporting and analytics capabilities and a robust Excel add-in, tax departments can harness the true value of their data to support any inquiry or need.

Integration Suite

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