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Video: Why Implement Corporate Tax Software?Today’s tax departments are facing increased scrutiny and rising demands, with an ever growing lens being placed on tax. As workloads build, tax departments must find a way to do more, while often maintaining similar (or even reduced) staffing. The world is changing and so must tax.

Why implement corporate tax
automation software?
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Longview Solutions can help. The Longview Tax product suite is delivered on a robust platform, housing all the tools needed to effectively manage data within the tax department. Business focused, out-of-box offerings are designed specifically for tax,retaining autonomy while tightly integrating with Finance and IT applications across the organization.

As the tax function continues to evolve, Longview Solutions highly flexible offerings can expand and grow to meet changing needs. Longview Tax is the starting point for tax for hundreds of tax departments around the globe who have implemented our solution as their central hub for tax data.

With Longview Tax you can:

  • Cut the tax close cycle by as much as 50%
  • Increase accuracy, while reducing the risks of Excel based processing
  • Centralize data in a single, unified, tax-sensitized repository
  • Gain greater clarity and transparency into the drivers of your tax positions
  • Free up time for higher value-added analysis and planning activities

Key Features of Longview Tax:

  • Out-of-box solutions with unparalleled flexibility and extensibility
  • Offerings designed to specifically meet ASC 740 and IAS 12 requirements
  • Tax sensitized consolidation module with powerful drilldown capabilities
  • Robust automation engine to handle even the most complex calculations
  • Seamless integration with your general ledgers and all major tax compliance systems
  • Analytics designed for Tax; Easy-to-use dashboards, ad-hoc reporting and Excel integration

Longview Tax supports some of the world’s highest data volumes and user counts. Deployed in the cloud or on-premise, Longview’s mobile dashboards and reporting provide access to your tax data anywhere, anytime.

With our exceptional customer service, Longview Solutions has a 98% customer retention rate. Our customers rank us among the lowest total cost of ownership among all enterprise CPM vendors and we consistently rate best-in-class for performance and scalability.

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