Why choose Longview for Corporate Performance Management and Tax software?

Longview Tax delivers the transparency and accuracy demanded by tax authorities, auditors, and corporate stakeholders, from CEOs to finance executives to shareholders. Longview’s proven technology gives tax departments the tools they need to manage the vast volumes of tax data generated by today’s enterprises and streamline tax processes for maximum efficiency.

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Longview Tax Data Platform centralizes and consolidates tax-sensitized data for both direct and indirect taxes, providing a single data source for all of your analysis and reporting tasks.

Longview Tax automates even your most complex calculations, simplifying global tax accounting and eliminating risky spreadsheet-based activities. It helps you accelerate the provision and filing processes. Longview gives you the tax planning tools you need to help your business achieve its most important goals.

The Longview Tax Advantage:

  • Integrates seamlessly with your general ledgers and all major tax compliance systems
  • Reduces the time you spend gathering and reconciling data, so you can focus on analysis and planning
  • Gives you multiple deployment options: application in the cloud or on-premise
  • Mobile dashboards and reports to access your tax data from anywhere
  • Longview Solutions recognized as “Visionary” by Gartner
  • Longview Solutions ranked #1 in customer satisfaction, value, sales, support and value for money

Longview Tax includes:

  • Longview Tax Data Platform - a dynamic central repository for all your tax information
  • Longview Tax Data Collection - a powerful application for integrating book and tax data from disparate source systems and performing multiple global roll-ups
  • Longview Tax Provision/Reporting - a comprehensive solution for global tax accounting and reporting for all jurisdictions worldwide, with complete support for ASC 740 (formerly FAS 109) and IFRS/IAS 12
  • Longview Tax Planning - advanced analytical capabilities and intuitive reports for forecasting and modelling tax outcomes

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