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Longview Reporting

The reporting, analysis and performance measurement capabilities within Longview7 provide fast, real-time, accurate information, facilitating strategic business analysis.

Longview 7 provides the ability to easily:

  • Deliver quick access to real-time financial and non-financial information
  • Generate real-time management, financial, or ad hoc reports from a single, validated repository of financially accurate information
  • Allow individuals to spend more time on in-depth and strategic business analysis
  • Generate reports based on key performance indicators or virtually any business variable, such as product, marketing channel, or customer
  • Allow users to query and drill through any aspect of the organization, using powerful reports, charts and graphs to gain insight into operational reality versus strategic plans, enabling you to make informed, timely adjustments

The reporting, analysis and performance measurement capabilities are inherent to the integrated planning, forecasting, budgeting, and consolidation processes that are based on the single database of financial and non-financial information.

Why Reporting?

The Challenge

Obtaining timely and accurate information which will empower strategic business decisions is a key challenge for every organization. Getting that consistent detailed information to everyone who needs it is another challenge.

Find out more on how Reporting within Longview 7 will benefit your organization.

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