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Task Management

Streamline your financial close and planning processes

Gaining insight and visibility into the status of all key deliverables within a Finance department can be incredibly challenging. Team members are often located around the globe and staying abreast of recurring tasks, statuses, delays, and issues can be difficult.

Longview’s Task Management solution provides a central location for managing your critical business processes including tracking tasks, defining workflows and team calendars and organizing documents.

With robust reporting options and active alerts and notifications, staying abreast of team status and reacting to changes in real-time has never been easier.

A fully integrated Solution

Task Management is powered by Longview’s CORE platform allowing information to be seamlessly shared across Longview’s suite of solutions. Task Management works in conjunction with standard workflow functionality which allows managers to review and approve actuals, budgets and forecasts and provides the Finance department the ability to see the real-time status of the entire business process. You’ll be able to react faster than ever before to make certain that all tasks are completed on time and critical deadlines are met.

Task Management improves your organization’s controls as users can upload supporting documents to Longview, stored on a corporate file-share or within your existing SharePoint or document management solution. Outcomes and results are easily linked to tasks and can be monitored through all stages of progression.

Task Management not only supports Longview based processes but can surround your entire finance function. Managing and controlling the entire Close or Planning process has never been so easy.

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