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Longview Profitability Analytics

The Power of Profitability Analysis with Longview Solutions CPM

Longview Solutions Profitability Analytics leverages your company’s data to provide powerful insights into revenues, costs, margins, and operations to help you develop profitable action plans.

Improving profitability is one of the highest priorities for business managers. However, the challenge is to identify and analyze profit-making activities by specific dimensions such as customers, products, channels, segments, and business units.

Accurate data helps drive continuous profit improvement initiatives by helping businesses understand where and how to improve profitability.

That comes from Longview Solutions unified platform, making profitability analysis easy and more efficient.

Key Features of Longview Solutions Profitability Analysis:

  • Powerful analytical reports to highlight issues and impact of key drivers on net profitability
  • Configurable analytical tools
  • A multi-dimensional view of your business providing a deep understanding of the root cause behind costs and net profitability
  • Enterprise wide visibility into every aspect of your company's revenues, costs, net profits, and resource capacity/utilization
  • Scenario analysis, including actual, plan and forecast, to optimize cost and profitability

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