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Longview Plan

Create faster, more accurate forecasts and quickly respond to changes in market conditions with Longview Plan

In today’s world, planning, budgeting, and forecasting must link performance to strategic goals. Business units need a simple process, where they are planning, budgeting, and forecasting from a single source of real-time enterprise-wide information.

Longview gives you that power so you can report to the marketplace with confidence, change direction if needed, with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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Why Longview?

Shorten Cycle Times - move from preparing and waiting to analyzing

Longview is continuously calculating and always up to date! How is this possible? Longview’s powerful calculation engine performs all calculations dynamically and in real-time as data is submitted. That’s right, you don’t need run your budgeting processes over and over again each time there is a data change. This means that you’ll be able to access your data in real time which will shorten cycle times, give you more time for analysis, reduce the risk of errors and improve the accuracy of your budgets and forecasts.

Driver Based Modelling

Real time, dynamic, driver-based modelling has always been one of Longview’s core strengths and competitive differentiator and the reason so many customers have chosen Longview Planning for over 20 years. Customers have ability to easily define business rules and calculations from the simple to the complex. There isn’t a calculation that Longview cannot perform and optimize.

On Demand Forecasting with Longview

Flexible rolling forecasts, based on real-time information, provide greater visibility into future operating performance. Longview Plan users can quickly re-forecast based on current trends and market conditions simply by changing key business drivers that have the most impact on the bottom line. Longview Plan makes it possible to re-forecast every month and even on demand. With Longview, you’ll be prepared the next time the CFO requests a revised forecast that you weren’t expecting!

Integrated Planning: Planning for everyone in your organization not just Finance

From financial planning to people planning and down to the operational level Longview can benefit everyone in your organization. Imagine everyone using the same unified solution for all their planning, budgeting, and forecasting needs. Imagine all these processes tightly integrated so that a change to one plan dynamically updates all others. Imagine having all your actual, forecast and budget data stored in a single, unified version of the truth. All this is possible with Longview Planning!

Peak Performance

Longview’s proven enterprise grade performance and scalability means that you will always get fast, accurate and reliable data to support the forecasting and budgeting process like so many other companies that have chosen Longview Planning. We believe that our customers should focus on improving their organizational performance and not have to worry about system performance. As your company grows and you add more data and more users rest assured that Longview will grow with you and deliver peak performance as we’ve demonstrated consistently during our 20-year history.

Your choice: Cloud or On-Premise Deployment

Longview offers our customers the choice of deploying their solution either on premise or in the cloud which gives you ultimate flexibility in choosing the deployment options that aligns with your organization’s goals and objectives.

Better insight and better decisions equals optimized performance

Access your data anytime, anywhere and on any device using Longview Analytics. Our mobile technology gives you real time access to your data so that you can quickly identify problem areas, drill-down to find the root cause of any issue and take corrective actions to get your company back on track. Make the right decision, every time, with confidence with Longview.

Improved Collaboration with Workflow Management

Because it’s a single source solution, Longview simplifies collaboration by tracking information as it flows through your organization. Longview’s integrated Workflow functionality empowers your FP&A managers to monitor and report on status of the planning and forecasting process and enables users in departments across your organization to participate, collaborate and work together all within one.

Key Features

Key Features - Longview Plan

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