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Longview Overview

Our customers rate us best-in-class for our Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Enterprise Tax, and Analytics solutions.

Longview 7 is our single repository of accurate information for your entire enterprise and our foundation for Longview CPM and Longview Tax. Longview Analytics, based on arcplan 8, complements the portfolio with advanced analytics and reporting that seamlessly ties into your Longview environment and can be used to create advanced analytical applications for desktop and mobile deployment.

Longview Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

The Power of using Longview for Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

In today’s world, planning, budgeting, and forecasting must link performance to strategic goals. Business units need a simple process, where they are planning, budgeting, and forecasting from a single source of real-time enterprise-wide information.

Longview gives you that power so you can report to the marketplace with confidence, changing direction if needed, with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Longview CPM Planning features include:

Longview is always in a consolidated state

When data is submitted to the Longview platform, the real-time consolidation process is triggered automatically with no manual user intervention. Foreign Exchange, Allocations and other Planning and Forecasting processes are all calculated in real time. With our Longview platform, your data is always in a fully consolidated state. You don’t need to remember to re-run your consolidation process for that last minute adjustment resulting in faster budgeting cycle and improved data integrity.

Automated and Seamless Data Integration from any source system

Longview’s Data Integration Suite can seamlessly import data and meta data that you need to prepare your budget and forecasts from any source systems such as SAP and Oracle. Integration can be scheduled, automated and even real-time. Longview can import financial, non-financial and even operational data for all your reporting and budgeting needs.

Strategic Planning

Establish a strategic plan and use it to drive an integrated and collaborative planning, budgeting, and forecasting process across your enterprise, supporting more accurate and forward looking business decisions. Define your key performance indicators, and measure performance against long-range plans on a dynamic and continuous basis.

Operational Planning

Longview enables customers to automate a wide range of enterprise-wide, operational planning needs, integrated with short and medium term financial planning. Using Longview's integrated single-source solution for Operational Planning takes planning beyond just finance and into key areas of your company, such as sales, manufacturing, and logistics. With tighter integration between financial and operational plans, you have better insight into your company.

Salary Planning

Salaries and workforce related expenses are one of the largest line items in the financial budget of an organization. Companies need to incorporate workforce and HR information into financial plans for tactical and strategic analysis. However, with this information spread across an organization it can be difficult and time consuming to track, let alone analyze in a timely basis.Not any more.

With the salary planning capability of Longview, your organization can plan salaries by employee, position, or FTE, at any level of detail. You can model the impact of factors such as collective bargaining agreements or changes to pay scales thereby increasing the effectiveness and accuracy of your planning process.

Capital Planning

Effectively managing capital investments in areas such as real estate, equipment, and vehicles is critical. Using Longview for Capital Planning enables your organization to plan for and manage these expenses, and to calculate depreciation by various methods, ensuring the appropriate accounting treatment is applied and integrated with financial statements.

Driver Based Modelling

An essential element of your planning process is the ability to model the business rules that will drive you to achieve your strategic goals. Longview delivers the ability to define your unique business rules and calculations, from the simple to the complex.

Rolling Forecasts

Flexible rolling forecasts, based on real-time information, provide greater visibility into future operating performance. Users are able to quickly re-forecast based on current trends and market conditions simply by changing those key business drivers that have the most impact on the bottom line. Longview Planning ties business plans, budgets and forecasts to strategic objectives, operational goals and targets.

Project Planning

The ability to strategically allocate funds to the numerous projects or initiatives your organization has underway or is evaluating can be daunting to track with multiple legacy systems. Not so when you use the Project Planning functionality of Longview.

Rich, Easy to Use Web and Excel Interface

With Longview, users can securely access information from any location, inputting and viewing data quickly and easily in real-time. Results are available dynamically and can be viewed ad-hoc via the Web or Microsoft Excel. Longview Smart Client empowers end users by allowing them convenient and easy access to powerful, interactive modelling functionality deployed through the web, while hiding the complexity behind it.

Collaboration with Workflow Management

Because it’s a single source solution, Longview simplifies collaboration by tracking information as it flows through your organization. The Integrated Workflow functionality empowers your administrators to monitor and report on the status of the plan and enables users in departments across global organizations to participate in the planning and budgeting process.

Automated Foreign Currency Translation

Longview Consolidation provides automated server-based foreign currency translation to any number of currencies simultaneously enabling companies to effectively translate and consolidate global information. Foreign currency variance can be analyzed and the impact of rate variances isolated for further comparison.

Easy-to-Maintain Allocation Rules

The rich allocation capabilities of Longview Consolidation allow shared costs to be allocated across the organization and provide alternate views of consolidated data. Allocation 'rules' are easy for finance staff to create and maintain. The rules are run automatically, every time data is consolidated, giving alternate P&L views consistently, efficiently and accurately.

Self Service Analysis and Reporting and Office Add-In

Longview Self Service Reporting and Analysis is easy to use and end users can create their own local or published reports without any IT involvement. Users can also use Longview’s Office Add-In to create reports using the power of MS Office and leverage their existing Excel-based reports.

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