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Longview Integration Suite (LVIS)

Today’s dynamic business environments have led businesses to use varied financial systems to manage their ever-increasing data volumes. The Longview Integration Suite (LVIS) streamlines, simplifies, and automates data integration from all of your existing systems and makes it easy to load data into your Longview CPM and Tax system for a trusted, unified view of all corporate financial data. With seamless connectivity into your existing business systems (General Ledger, ERP, CPM, HRM and more), LVIS helps drive faster financial month-end closes by enabling a truly end-to-end data integration process for improved visibility and data integrity.

Key Features:

  • Direct source connectivity to pull financial, and operational data
  • Scheduled or event based initiation and one-click job triggering
  • Accurate and trusted data through LVIS data mappings and validations
  • Reports and Summaries on each data submission
  • Bi-directional integration capabilities (imports, exports and Longview-to-Longview)
  • Perform Longview hierarchy synchronizations and symbol maintenance
  • Graphical data integration designer
  • Connectivity to on premise and cloud
  • Powerful data transformation engine

Key Benefits:

  • Easy and highly efficient connectivity to integrate Longview with source data (including financial and non-financial data)
  • Finance or IT resources can control integration timing and take advantage of increased frequency for better reporting
  • Data is accurate and trusted through automation, data validation and error capture capabilities
  • Increased visibility and team communication around data integrations
  • Integration of any number, any combination, any version of data sources and applications