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Disclosure Management powered by DisclosureNet™

Data is only half of the reporting story. Preparing and presenting the narrative to tell the story behind the numbers can now be streamlined. Longview and DisclosureNet work hand in hand to help companies effectively and efficiently complete the financial close and reporting process.

DisclosureNet is the only corporate reporting solution that offers clients the three key components of the Disclosure Management Cycle: a robust disclosure research and analytics platform, a comprehensive disclosure management application, and expert implementation and XBRL support and services.

Together, Longview Disclosure Management, powered by DisclosureNet, offers our customers a way to capitalize on the efficiencies that are gained when Enterprise CPM is integrated with Best-in-Class disclosure management. The resulting corporate reporting solution greatly increases the productivity in the end-to-end internal and external reporting processes and streamlines the last mile of finance.

Disclosure Research and Analytics

The cornerstone of DisclosureNet’s solution is its cloud-based disclosure research and analytics platform. With access to 20+ million public filings, DisclosureNet makes it simple to search, analyze and benchmark corporate information on the qualitative and quantitative level, bringing data modeling, peer comparison and competitive monitoring to new heights of speed and sophistication.

Disclosure Management

From internal performance analysis to provide the story behind the numbers on internal reports, such as executive management reports and board books, to collaborative disclosure management for external regulatory and statutory compliance reporting, DisclosureNet goes above and beyond your company’s corporate reporting needs with one comprehensive and streamlined application.

Highlights include:

  • External and internal report creation capabilities
  • Integration with existing company data sources (Excel®, General Ledger, Longview)
  • Real-time in-document updates to data, narrative, charts and graphs with complete audit trail
  • Roll forward reports from period to period
  • Advanced workflow/task management
  • Advanced XBRL capabilities including SEC previewer, real-time tagging grid and live-tagging validations
  • Flexible deployment options: cloud based or in-house

Expert Implementation, Migration and Consulting Services

DisclosureNet’s expert consultants provide full training and support to meet internal, external and XBRL reporting needs. The team’s implementation methodology is based on the simplification and comprehensive coaching on technology and reporting concepts, a proven method to equip financial reporting teams with the skills and knowledge to submit error-free filings.