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Finance Analytics

Data Rich Information Poor – Unlock the value of your data

With workloads steadily increasing and a growing need to make faster, more accurate decisions, finance leaders are looking for ways to draw deeper insights from their data and provide new means of communicating with stakeholders. This is very challenging since most decision makers are inundated with data and struggle to find useful information to identify areas of concern and improve decision-making.

Beyond data analysis and traditional financial statement reporting, data visualization capabilities in Longview Analytics allow you to draw new insights from your information and quickly identify areas requiring further analysis.

Longview Analytics unlocks the value of data within your Longview Close and Plan application, or any finance/enterprise application, and provides a platform for expanding well beyond.

Start quickly, gain traction, and expand

Longview’s Finance Analytics solution allows finance departments to start experiencing the benefits of Analytics without needing to initiate a months-long exploration project.

With pre-built dashboards and reports designed to connect seamlessly with your Longview Close and Plan applications, Analytics are immediately available; helping you quickly gain value and experience, while working to envision where you want to go next.

With an underlying design environment that can connect to any finance/IT application customers have limitless options in terms how they expand and grow in the world of analytics well beyond the traditional boundaries of Finance.

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