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Corporate Performance Management

Q: What is unique about Longview Corporate Performance Management (also known as Enterprise Performance Management and Business Performance Management) solution?

A: A lot. For starters, it provides a single, unified solution. One program for all functions, whether you use them or not. Longview supports the diverse needs of your organization including: reporting, planning, budgeting, forecasting, modeling, consolidation, tax, and analysis. Longview provides you with a financially accurate core of information with the ability to expose it to all authorized employees in a secure environment, from finance to sales to operations.

Q: Is it easy to implement?

A. Yes. Longview knows that finance departments and IT resources have limited time to implement and maintain software. That’s why we’ve created simple easy-to-use administration interfaces and initial system load files to implement and go live quickly. Plus, we work directly with you to get things up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Q: What pain points will the Longview CPM application solve for my organization?

A: It might be easy for a fast food chain to create a hamburger that tastes the same no matter what country it is served in, but it is not easy for a global enterprise to apply the same business rules, accounting principles and financial reporting practices to operations in different countries. To paint an accurate financial picture, global enterprises have to put in place systems that compile financial data from geographically dispersed divisions using a myriad of technological applications, a variety of accounting practices, business rules and cultural expectations. That solution is offered by Longview, where your organization's planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, financial and management reporting, modeling, tax and analysis requirements are supported with a single application.

Q: What questions should I ask CPM vendors when reviewing their solutions? In fact, ask us. We will be happy to answer.

A: There are a number of questions you should ask performance management vendors when evaluating their applications:- Will this application adapt to proven business processes Longview does. - Does the application deliver information to the desktop and minimize end-user response time? Yes we do. - Does the application provide maximum availability and accessibility to all network users? Yes it does. - How many users can access a single platform? Thousands. - Will the application operate on one central server and one central database for all users? Yes it does. - Will multiple application servers be required for users beyond particular geographical borders? Not with Longview. - Does the application import data from disparate technologies and software and consolidate information according to consistent business rules? Yes it does. - Will the software run on a variety of industry standard platforms without having to implement and support multiple versions? Yes it does. - What IT staff resources are required to monitor, administer, and otherwise support the system? Not many. With Longview, it is a finance driven solution with minimal IT support required. - Beyond manuals, online help, and classroom training, is interactive eLearning available? Yes it does. - To what extent can it be integrated with application processes as new business rules are developed? Easily. Contact us for more info.

Q: How many users can Longview CPM application support?

A: Our solution is highly scalable to thousands of users. We are proud to say we are consistently ranked best-in-class for performance and scalability in benchmark tests. With Longview, you can have confidence your CPM application can support thousands of geographically dispersed concurrent users with no degradation in performance.

Q: Will the Longview CPM application work within my organization's IT infrastructure?

A: Yes. Longview performance management application will perform over disparate technologies. It resides on one central server and database, and can consolidate reports according to consistent business rules. It is fully scalable, operating on industry standard platforms, and offers users high-speed, dynamic Windows and Web access to the central server and database. You can easily roll the application out across your enterprise with minimal or no hardware upgrades.

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