Why choose Longview for Corporate Performance Management and Tax software?

Longview Consolidation software dramatically reduces your consolidation cycle and allows you to spend more time doing value- added analysis.

Longview 7 supports the consolidation of data from any source system, such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards and validates, translates, eliminates, and consolidates data in real-time.

Longview Consolidation software performs foreign currency variance analysis for global organizations operating in numerous countries with multiple currencies and varying exchange rates, and compares foreign currencies while isolating the impact of rate variances.

Longview 7 creates inter-company eliminations seamlessly, without user intervention, greatly reducing time expended on reconciling. Through an easy-to-use interface, department managers and operational personnel can create income statements, balance sheets, shareholder equity statements, cash flow statements, and key performance metrics.

Why Longview Consolidation?

The Challenge
The impact of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and similar legislation has challenged organizations by imposing faster reporting deadlines and requirements to disclose, and be audited on, internal control procedures. The entire process - closing the books, reporting to management, getting auditor sign-off on the results, and issuing an earnings release - is complex, involving many factors that may delay the consolidation cycle.

This increased focus on governance requires increased responsibility, accountability, and transparency, which places significant demands on executives and others involved in corporate reporting, the investors are demanding:

  • Financial integrity
  • Accurate quarterly and annual reports
  • Timely and accurate forward-looking statements based on fiscal reality

The challenge is ultimately about process. Consider the complexity of today's sophisticated organizational structures and global operations, and the necessary currency conversions, allocations, and inter-company eliminations required to finalize the results. The lack of standardized processes, information bottlenecks, missing data, and discrepancies between various operating units, are at the root of the lengthy close cycle for many companies.

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