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Longview Close Overview

Faster Close - move from preparing and waiting to analyzing with Longview!

Longview Close provides accountants and financial professionals the solutions they need to quickly and accurately consolidate their financial results, streamline statutory reporting requirements and most importantly spend more time on analysis.

With Longview, you can easily and quickly collect, store, analyze and report on your data in real-time anywhere, anytime on any device to gain deeper insights into your organizational performance and make better decisions.

Longview Consolidation

Longview has been providing Consolidation solutions to Fortune 1000 companies since 1994. Our comprehensive, out of box and easy-to-use solution based on accounting, implementation and industry best practices will greatly improve and add value to your current close process.

Longview Disclosure Management

Data is only half of the reporting story. Preparing and presenting the narrative to tell the story behind the numbers can now be streamlined. Longview Disclosure Management helps companies effectively and efficiently complete the financial close and reporting process.

Longview Task Management

Longview's Task Management solution provides a central location for managing all your critical Close processes including tracking tasks, defining workflows, managing team calendars and organizing documents. You’ll be able to react faster than ever before to make certain that all tasks are completed on time and critical deadlines are met.

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