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Self-Service Analytics – Gain insight using Excel or Web browser

Analytics in regard to dashboards are important to tell you what is happening with the business, but self-service analysis is what is needed to provide insight into the why and help identify the action required to drive performance and add value. Our self-service analytics solution offers the capability to explore your corporate data housed in your environment and process the information you select to answer the questions you have about your business.

Our Longview Analytics solution, powered by arcplan 8 enables browser-based, ad-hoc analysis for power users[1] and analysts who want to navigate and visualize data easily and without the need for IT. For those working in Excel, our self-service analytics capability also allows for seamless integration with Microsoft Excel and pivot analysis while maintaining a live connection to your corporate data sources.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Connectivity to your OLAP data sources for multi-dimensional analysis
  • Customization capabilities to tailor the look of your data set to personal preferences
  • Publishing feature to store and share your ad-hoc analysis with colleagues
  • Access to live data with metrics automatically refreshed with the latest information from your corporate server
  • Export options to view outputs in the format you prefer - Export as Excel pivot tables, PDF files, or simply print

arcplan 8 Overview: An overview of the platform and its latest enhancements:

[1] a user who needs products having the most features and the fastest performance

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