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Longview Overview

Our customers rate us best-in-class for our Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Enterprise Tax, and Analytics solutions.

Longview 7 is our single repository of accurate information for your entire enterprise and our foundation for Longview CPM and Longview Tax. Longview Analytics, based on arcplan 8, complements the portfolio with advanced analytics and reporting that seamlessly ties into your Longview environment and can be used to create advanced analytical applications for desktop and mobile deployment.

Mobile Analytics – Anywhere, anytime access to your data

Mobile business intelligence and analytics is a necessity for executives, remote staff and sales people who need access to business-critical data at all times. As such, mobile BI has become a critical part of many businesses' IT strategy and an essential element of improving decision-making for employees at all levels.

Our solution makes mobile BI easy. Develop applications like dashboards and reports in a point-and-click environment – no programming required. Design once, run anywhere (DORA), without additional work, on Apple, Android, Microsoft smartphones and tablets.

Mobile BI with arcplan provides:

  • Significantly less effort to design your BI application for multiple devices
  • Adjust one design to many different screen sizes
  • Future proof approach with responsive design & HTML5