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Longview Analytics

Longview Analytics

Longview Analytics is the ideal environment for the creation and distribution of highly customized business intelligence and analytic solutions. Organizations across the globe have chosen Longview Analytics as their environment for rapidly deploying custom reporting and analysis solutions without compromise – applications that become an integral part of optimizing corporate performance and streamlining operations.

Longview Analytics unlocks the value of data within your Longview Consolidation or Longview Planning application or any other any finance / operational application with a suite of purpose-built dashboards, reports and data visualizations to empower organizations to more effectively manage your finance and critical business functions.

Beyond data analysis and traditional financial statement reporting, data visualization capabilities allow you to draw new insights from your information and quickly identify areas requiring further analysis. Longview Analytics unlocks the value of data within your Longview Tax application, or any finance/enterprise application, and provides a platform for expanding well beyond.

Longview Analytics provides tightly integrated connectors to Longview's Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Tax solutions as well as a variety of on-premise and cloud-based data sources while not requiring you to extract your data and aggregate content into a proprietary data source. Instead Longview Analytics saves you time and connects directly to numerous relational and multidimensional data sources from vendors such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Teradata and others. Our best-in-class device support allows delivery from desktop to smartphone - with one application. We call it DORA - Design Once, Run Anywhere.

With Longview Analytics you get immediate access to these benefits:

  • Single point of access to all performance critical information.
  • Seamless and secure integration with your data warehouse or planning data in Longview, SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Teradata, and many more. This also includes write-back to your data source for commenting, planning and forecasting applications.
  • No programming or specialized skills necessary to build your mobile-enabled apps. Jump-start your development using our simple point-and-click interface.
  • Personalized user interfaces and analytical functions for dedicated user groups, e.g. the management board, divisional heads, members of financial staff, or other operative contributors.

Key Features

Key Features - Longview Analytics

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According to the BI Survey: Longview Analytics is leader in Dashboarding-focus products, Integrated Performance Management products, and EMEA focused vendors. Read more about results of Longview Analytics in the BI Survey 2016 here.

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