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Solutions Overview

Make the right decision, every time with confidence

Longview provides the reliability, accuracy and insight needed to support critical decision making across the organization. With technology solutions to support Planning, Financial Close, Tax Reporting and Analytics, Longview unlocks the true value of your data and delivers the foresight needed to confidently guide your business.

How we help

For over 20 years many of the world’s most recognized companies have partnered with Longview to support their critical business processes. We aid these organizations in the following areas:

All of Longview’s business solutions are powered by a unified CORE platform that seamlessly aligns business processes; delivering accuracy, efficiency and insight. CORE capabilities surround your data assets and support a suite of business-centric, out-of-box solutions which solve your critical business challenges. They do this while providing unparalleled scalability and flexibility, allowing our solutions to meet the most complex requirements.

Core               Solution Stack

With Longview, focus shifts from managing processes and error avoidance to analyzing outcomes, and gaining greater insights to support charting the course ahead.