Why choose Longview for Corporate Performance Management and Tax software?

Longview 7

Our customers rate us best-in-class for our Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Enterprise Tax solutions.


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Longview 7 is a single repository of accurate information for your entire enterprise – solving a complex challenge in today's global environment. With accurate information you can begin to see how and where value is being created within your organization and in turn, make informed decisions about the future direction of your enterprise.

The Longview 7 platform supports:

What Makes Longview Different?

What makes Longview different in the CPM and Tax software space?

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Longview 7 helps you determine where value comes from today, and enables swift reaction to grow tomorrow. Using our single technology platform, you can plan, forecast, budget, and receive reports and analysis on daily business information at a high level or in as much detail as required. This information, tracked against key performance indicators, enables quick business decisions, positively driving your company's productivity. Financial truth, at the right time, improves market insight and creates new levels of competitive advantage. It clarifies options and increases confidence in your decisions.