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Longview Solutions Customer Support Services

With Longview Solutions, your purchase is just the beginning of our relationship, not the end. Our level of customer support and service sets us apart. From initial set-up, to ongoing, industry-accredited training and 24/7 support, Longview Solutions offers solid end-to-end services and we are committed to ensuring you get the maximum value from your investment.

As a Longview Solutions customer, you have access to consulting, learning & customer technical support.

Longview Implementation Methodology

Once you’ve decided on the Longview CPM and/or Tax solution, Longview proven implementation methodology helps you quickly translate your purchase to a live application in productive use.

Our implementation methodology is configured to meet your individual needs. While each rollout is individualized, it follows a proven plan with pre-defined stages.

Longview Implementation Methodology

  • Scope: First, we work with key stakeholders to begin mapping out your organization's business requirements, processes and key performance metrics. With this information a project scope is developed, project objectives are established, and a project work plan is defined.
  • Project Organization: Our project team is mobilized. Key to the success of the project team is the industry-specific knowledge of the Longview professionals who work alongside your organization's experts during the life of the project.
  • Design: Our experts work with your key subject matter experts to put together a well-conceived, complete, and accurate design. The integrated project team analyzes current business processes in detail to isolate gaps and highlight opportunities for refinement. Our design approach incorporates an iterative cycle of design, prototype, review, and modification. Frequent input and interaction with your organization plays an integral part in this process. Longview applies industry best practices and superior performance management strategies to ensure the business solution is the most effective for your organization. The final design supports effective resource utilization and project cost containment.
  • Configure: Your platform is configured to match both your business process requirements and technical requirements as defined during design.
  • System Test: Longview works with you to develop a testing strategy that documents expected results, test cases, test cycles, a change control process, and stress testing. The system test is a complete end-to-end testing of the new business process, and secures acknowledgement from the user community prior to application rollout.
  • Rollout: Longview works with you to roll the application out to your user community and monitor the new business processes against the original business objectives to ensure success and acceptance.