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Welcome to Longview Solutions Resource Library. Here you will find information and tools to help assess your needs and guide your selection of a software solution that's right for you.

White Papers

Tax Provision and Reporting

To Build or Not to Build?
Considerations for when you and your organization are deciding whether to buy vs. build software to support the Tax function.

Tax Transparency – About Time!
The movement towards greater Tax transparency is affecting large multi-nationals and small public companies alike. How can today’s tax department confidently report their numbers and ultimately provide the level of transparency that is now becoming standard? Download this article now to find out how increased transparency plus increased controls equals confidence in the tax numbers for all stakeholders.

The Business Case for a Tax Provisioning / Reporting Solution

Corporate Tax Governance: What's the Problem?
Journal of Corporate Tax Automation

Using Sarbanes Oxley to Initiate a Strategic Tax Technology Roadmap
Journal of Corporate Tax Automation

Performance Management: Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting and Consolidation

How to Leverage Performance Management to Maximize Profitability within the Banking Industry
A BPM Partners White Paper

How to Select the Right Performance Management Application
A Practical Guide for the Business Buyer

Transforming Finance: The Path to Effective Corporate Performance Management
By John Power, President, Longview

CPM - Bridging the Gap Between Financial Control and Strategic Opportunity
By John Power, President, Longview

Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics

Longview Analytics Scores High in The BI Survey 16

A Guide to DORA Design Once - Run Anywhere: Applying Responsive Design to Business Analytics Applications