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What's New in Tidemark Fall '14 Product Release | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark

Tidemark’s Fall ’14 product release delivers powerful new capabilities to CFOs and FP&A teams so they can succeed in their new roles as strategic decision-makers.

Using Sarbanes Oxley to Initiate a Strategic Tax Technology Roadmap

Inhale..... exhale...... deep...... slow...... step back..... think ahead. Imagine an end-to-end tax solution and process that is SOX compliant and enables your CFO, your auditors, or your Audit Committee to drill down on the income tax footnote and see the math behind the tax disclosures shortly after closing. A day when tax closes simultaneously with corporate accounting, with the accuracy required to file tax returns, all in accordance with well thought out and well executed tax plans. Imagine inverting the tax workload from 80% data manipulation and compliance to 80% planning and tax risk management. You can imagine the downstream effect on the tax defense process. Seven years later you can still see the rationale, the math, and the audit trail behind your global income tax numbers. In this new world with an end to end tax solution you are no longer putting out fires. You are in control. You have the luxury to be strategic, delivering value to your company and shareholders like never before.

Transforming Finance: The Path to Effective Corporate Performance Management

By John Power, President, Longview

Each move of an accomplished chess player is preceded by reflective consideration. Where am I now? Where am I headed? Am I making the right moves at the right time? Am I on track strategically? If not, how do I correct my position?

If you’re a decision-maker that is actively involved in the strategic planning and direction setting for your organization, these questions should be familiar to you. You determine where the company is; decide on a destination; chart a course; give directions; set goals; lead the troops; measure progress; and report to stakeholders. Sounds simple; but managing today’s enterprise is an extremely complex undertaking compounded by the harsh and unforgiving nature of today’s economic and regulatory climate.

In response to these pressures and to the rapidly growing complexity of today’s business environment, a growing number of organizations of all sizes are implementing Corporate Performance Management solutions to achieve a better-managed and optimally performing organization.

To Build or Not to Build?

Considerations for when you and your organization are deciding whether to buy vs. build software to support the Tax function.

The buy vs. build question is a question that continues to trouble people looking at removing spreadsheets from the tax reporting process; therefore, it’s important to review why companies are investing in of-the-shelf solutions. To make a well-informed decision and avoid surprises, there are three things that must be taken into consideration: Cost, Time and Risk.

Tidemark Subscription Commerce | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark

Modern recurring revenue business models require modern tools to optimize performance. Gain unprecedented business insight and drive forecast accuracy in recurring revenue businesses. Tidemark Subscription Commerce is the first complete, cloud-based FP&A solution for recurring revenue businesses.

Tidemark Screenshots | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark

Walk through the product features and benefits in this product walkthrough.

Tidemark Profitability Modeling | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark
Tidemark Platform | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark

At the core of the Tidemark Planning & Analytics Cloud is the Tidemark Platform, the foundation for creation, configuration, storage, authentication, and visualization of business metrics, processes, plans, and analytics.

Tidemark Planning and Analytics for Retail | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark

As operating and labor costs are rising, retailers need merchandise and store plan they can count on to optimize inventory levels and increase turnover. Learn how Tidemark's Retail Planning Application enables your team to extend planning out to the sales floor.

Tidemark Planning and Analytics for Oil and Gas | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark

Tidemark Planning and Analytics for Oil and Gas supports upstream oil and gas companies make budgeting, planning and forecasting more inclusive so knowledge and experience is captured at multiple levels within the organization. Well supervisors and foremen get access to real-time analytics to answer important questions and act immediately.