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At Longview Solutions, every employee is part of our customer team.

About Longview

Longview is a leading provider of Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Corporate Tax, and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to enterprises worldwide. Our intelligent software solutions deliver data integrity to enable a single version of the truth and help you make smarter business decisions. Our products can give you a complete picture of business results with reliability, speed and accuracy. We can enable your organization to improve decision-making by blending financial and operational performance information and making it actionable for all stakeholders. Powered by a single, unified software platform, Longview 7, our products, Longview for Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Longview Tax, offer a two-in-one solution for optimal visibility into your financial and tax data. The products can be used together or on their own. We also offer a business intelligence (BI) solution powered by the arcplan 8 platform, to complement Longview for CPM and Longview Tax, and when used together offer a comprehensive solution for maximum visibility into your business. But we are more than a technology provider. We are a strategic business partner. We are committed to working with you to provide solutions to your business problems and helping you improve processes that deliver results right from implementation. Longview is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with additional offices in Philadelphia, Chicago (United States), London (United Kingdom) and The Hague (The Netherlands). Longview has recently merged with arcplan, a leading provider of BI solutions, strengthening Longview global reach to continental Europe, South America and Asia. Now under the Longview banner, arcplan is located in Düsseldorf, Germany.