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At Longview Solutions, every employee is part of our customer team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Corporate Performance Management (CPM)?

A: According to Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company, CPM is an umbrella term that describes the methodologies, metrics, processes and systems used to monitor and manage an enterprise's business performance. Automating and centralizing finance systems and processes delivers data integrity and a single, validated version of financial truth. Longview provides a powerful, single-source platform solution that centralizes your CPM to simplify and accelerate your business processes and help you make decisions with confidence.

Q. Are Longview Tax and Longview CPM two different products?

A: Longview CPM and Longview Tax are two different products, but they are both powered by a single-source software platform, Longview 7. The platform can be used for both CPM and Tax provisioning functions for an all-in-one solution, or implemented to address only CPM or only Tax provisioning. The products, whether used together or individually, provide finance and tax professionals respectively within the organization with a single version of the financial truth – a single, validated repository of accurate financial information. Either way, the same powerful software is the optimum single-source solution enabling you to choose how much of its capabilities you want to take advantage of.

Q: Does Longview offer a BI product?

A: We have recently added a BI solution to our product line and it is available on its own or as an add-on to your Longview 7 CPM and/or Tax product. Our BI solution, arcplan 8, sets the standard for mobile BI and offers Business Intelligence when and where you need it.

Q: Who is arcplan?

A: On March 31, 2015, Longview announced a merger with arcplan, a German-based provider of Business Intelligence (BI) software, under the Longview banner. With the merger, Longview expands its product line and global reach to provide a comprehensive, all-in-one solution to businesses worldwide

Q: Who are your customers?

A: Our customers range from companies with diverse and complex finance organizations, often operating in multiple countries, to mid-market organizations. They operate in a variety of industry sectors including energy, entertainment, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, technology and utilities.

Q. How involved is the implementation process?

A: When you become a Longview customer that’s the beginning of our relationship, not the end. We recognize that every business is unique and we treat you that way. A Longview customer service representative, backed by a team of experts, works with you to set the system up the way you need and want to use it. Successful implementation is our unwavering goal, achieved through support by experienced project managers, best-in-class system architects, knowledgeable implementers and a proven and unique Longview Implementation Methodology focused on speed and quality of delivery. Together with our Knowledge Transfer Process and Customer Technical Support featuring 24/7 support services, Longview provides solid end-to-end service to its customers.

Q: What benefits do customers of Longview CPM and Tax products experience?

A: Longview's proven, global solution empowers fast and accurate business decisions and increases business productivity by providing immediate and reliable access to vital enterprise-wide financial data. Our intelligent single-source platform delivers data integrity and financial transparency, providing a complete picture of financial results with reliability, speed and accuracy. Our single-source solution delivers results for businesses:

- A single set of financial information to simplify the decision-making process and provide a single version of the truth
- Dramatically reduced cycle times
- Improved data accuracy and transparency for confident forecasting, planning, budgeting and reporting
- A platform for a controlled, cooperative process involving users from across your enterprise
- Robust functionality for customization of the software to suit your unique business processes
- Adaptable software that can keep pace with organizational change, including acquisitions and reorganizations

Q: How do your CPM and Tax solutions support global corporate governance and compliance initiatives including Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, and IFRS?

A: The main underlying themes of these various corporate governance legislations are visibility, consistency and reliability in a controlled environment. Longview’s single source solution improves transparency and provides the backbone to our customers' governance and compliance initiatives, be it Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, IFRS, or others including industry-specific and regulatory initiatives. Our software platform provides an integrated framework with a focus on speed, accuracy, and financial integrity, all built around the business rules of our customers. Customers who implement our solution are able to have a single, integrated view of where they are going, how they got to where they are, and what impact changes to the current structure might have for the future. In accessing the data from this single-source, they know that the numbers and inputs coming out of their organization are obtained on a consistent and auditable basis, and in a fast and accurate manner. In practice, our CPM solution reflects a global finance team working in harmony, where remote user groups can see their numbers the way that corporate sees them, and vice versa.

Q: What if there is a software update? Do I have to pay for it?

A: New versions, releases, and updates of the software are included within your Longview support agreement.

Q: What sets Longview apart from other companies that provide Corporate Performance Management applications?

A: Longview offers a single-source platform for both CPM and Tax provisioning, providing a strategic finance software solution for global and transnational companies with complex and diverse finance organizations. From our business model to the financial intelligence built into our software, Longview stands apart. Longview’s CPM application is a single application, creating a single repository of real-time financial information enterprise-wide. Our solution offers best-in-class performance and scalability as well as robust functionality and sophisticated modeling capabilities.

Q: How does Longview software keep pace with business?

A: Our team of experts keep up with emerging technology trends and listen to our customers to deliver solutions that continue to give businesses what they need to gain a competitive advantage.

Q: Does Longview work with Tax Service Providers?

A: Longview offers solid end-to-end customer service, including consultation and 24/7 technical support. As part of our commitment to customer service, we also work with several trusted Tax Service Providers to help them deliver best-in-class, value added consultation services to you when you need it. Longview’s Tax TSP Training & Certification Program ensures they are qualified as a Longview Tax solution expert. It’s another way Longview ensures a quality solution that meets your needs.